Previous publications: Fact sheets and white papers.

During the years that I had the privilege to work for the National Center on Trauma Informed Care and the Center for Mental Health Services I was requested to publish several articles.  Hence the two fact sheets and two white papers that you have access to here.  These are meant to be introductions to the concept of self-injury as it relates to trauma and to facilitate understanding and support for those who live with self-directed violence as well as those who care about them.

I have found these publications useful when initiating conversations with people who would benefit from initial basic information.  They are meant to set a tone of understanding and hopefulness.  Let me know if they do the same for you!  Feel free to share them…

SIV fact sheet, living with self-injury

SIV fact sheet, responding to those who self-injure

SIV white paper, general info

SIV white paper, criminal justice focus

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