Welcome 2021!

I know that this is, rather simply, another day in our lives. But on our calendar it signals a new beginning. I have never heard more people eagerly celebrate the end of a year more than the end of 2020. Does the virus care? No. Do I care? You bet.

As I am sure is true for you, 2020 was filled with sorrow, challenges, deep concerns, and a serving or two of outrage. My commitment to keeping this blog active lasted a while, then faded as I gave my energies to the challenges of the times. I felt rather guilty about that. That means I made myself miserable, more so than needed. 2020 was a wild ride. I have horses, so I know about wild rides!

I have been very fortunate. 2020 ended, for me, with solutions to my personal challenges, improving health and now, a renewed focus on the work I cherish. I’ve come back home, to here.

That said, I truly am tired of my multiple stops and starts. So I have done the unthinkable, or what used to be unthinkable. I have asked for help. That is an “OMG” sort of challenge for me. I have received help. I am delighted, grinning from ear to ear, to say that I now have a crew of people to help with this site. Today I want to introduce you to one of them. Without her there would be no site as she is the one who initially designed it and is now on board with taking me through the development of this web site and keeping me on track. When I get overwhelmed, which happens often, instead of shutting down the computer and getting a bowl of ice cream I will now get in touch with Kristen.

Kristen and I name each other “sister,” we were born to different parents but that is irrelevant. She knows brutal grief and loss, she has wisdom and a deep heart. And she has computer talents!

Here is a picture from the best of my world, people and critters that bring me joy and comfort. Thank you Kristen, the team of Ruta and Cloudd celebrate and thank you. I let him do the smooching…

I wish everyone a Happy New Year,


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